Alternative Ways to Incorporate Protein Powder Into Your Diet

Anybody who works out on a regular basis will know the struggles of trying to incorporate more protein powder into their diet. Smoothies are a particularly popular choice, but even the different flavours can get boring after a while! Why not try one of these easy protein powder recipes to add a bit of variety?


Baked Goods

Baked goods aren’t something that you would usually associate with health – but they can be a really tasty way to get your protein in! Wellness expert, Maria Emmerich, has even created a healthy pizza recipe that incorporates the protein powder into the crust!

Or, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, Nutrition in the Kitch, Christal, has come up with a gingerbread bake recipe. Although it might be hard to think about the festive period in this heat, this Christmas delight can contain up to 14g of protein per serving!

Of course, these treats aren’t just for Christmas, and there’s also a mint chocolate chip protein fudge brownie recipe (try saying that in a hurry!) courtesy of Purely Twins that’s likewise stuffed full of protein goodness.



This has to be one the most simple and easy protein powder recipes; porridge is an effective way to get your protein boost in the morning. The Food Medic provides a basic outline for this, but it can be modified however you wish! Adding another protein source on top of the porridge, such as seeds or nuts can also be an easy way to increase your intake.


Protein Balls

What could be easier? Porridge is a great way to start the day, and baked goods are always delicious if you can find the time, but protein balls are by far the most convenient.

Protein balls are the perfect snacks for those watching their protein intake, and come in a wide variety of flavours. Prevention contains recipes for 15 different delicious versions, ranging from cookie dough to cinnamon vanilla. These easy protein powder recipes are a sure-fire way to keep your intake up while you’re on the go.


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