How To Use Social Media To Market Your Own Label Supplements

The health and fitness market has exploded in recent years as more and more consumers look for ways to improve their daily diet, stay motivated, streamline their fitness regime and see results. With the popularity of the nutraceutical market growing so rapidly, however, there’s always the risk that your own label supplements can suffer from the poor associations that can come with a saturated market.

Health and fitness products have traditionally been regarded with a significant amount of scepticism, especially from those who have never used them. Online-only health and fitness offerings face this scrutiny two-fold. Due to unfortunate hyperbole and dubious production tactics in the past, shaking this scepticism and marketing your own label supplements can be tricky, but it can be done.

Social media offers marketers a unique method of speaking directly to consumers, and often, it’s through other consumers. Social media influencers are a major driving force in converting site views to sales today. These social media influencers – people from within the fitness community who have a large and loyal following on platforms like Instagram in particular – utilise their own use of the product to inform others of its benefits. So, influencer marketing is possibly the best way to get your name out. It is a particularly good way to start building trust with your consumers. A vote of confidence from a social media influencer is like an existing client recommending you to a friend. Only the client has tens of thousands of friends who all hear about you, and all trust their judgement. Choosing your influencers and the right platform will be critical to the success of this message. Fortunately, Instagram is both an incredibly successful platform for social media influencers and the fitness market, so start there and get your name out! Check out this online guide for more information on Instagram influencer marketing.

Alongside influencer marketing, there are a few traditional marketing tactics that can help your products take off on social media. Devise a marketing campaign that honestly and transparently describes the ingredients in your product and the realistic benefits your consumers can expect. If you’re approaching the millennial market with your product, remember that millennial marketing is niche marketing, so there are a few things to keep in mind.

– Build your campaign to address specific but prevalent problems.

– Engage with your consumers on a more personal, human level.

– Work to bring your own label supplements to social media discussions through organic advice and resolution.

Do all of this, and your own label supplements should be shooting off the shelves in no time!