Understanding the Target Markets for Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are popular in a number of different groups and for a variety of reasons. In this blog, we take a look at some of the target markets for nutritional supplements and why these groups will be interested in them.


Fitness and sports nutrition 

One of the most common target markets for supplements is those who are interested in fitness and sports nutrition. Those who take an interest in their physical health and how they can build strength and muscle are likely to also be interested in supplements that can help them on their journey.


A common type of supplement for people in this market will be protein and creatine powders, amino acid supplements, as well as energy boosters and general multi-vitamins.


People interested in alternative and natural health

Another target market for nutritional supplements is those who are wanting to utilise natural ingredients in order to maintain their health. Many supplements are made from natural ingredients, such as aloe vera and green tea, which makes them appealing to those who are interested in alternative health or just maintaining their own wellbeing through natural means.


Older people

Many older adults will also choose to take supplements regularly in order to maintain their health. While it is believed that we can get most vitamins from a healthy and balanced diet, it may be that as you get older you have less exposure to certain foods or conditions. This is why some older adults choose to take supplements such as vitamin D and vitamin B12.


People on vegan/vegetarian diets

Those who don’t eat meat, fish, dairy and eggs are frequently advised to take certain vegetarian supplements for vitamins and nutrients they can’t get from their diets. This includes, for example, vitamin B12 and vitamin D but many other supplement capsules are also vegetarian friendly.


Vegans and vegetarians may also be more health-conscious, as they think a lot about what they are putting into their bodies, so a wide range of supplements is likely to appeal to this market.


Preventative self-care

Preventative self-care, such as efforts to improve the memory or maintain the immune system is another reason why people may want to take nutritional supplements. There are lots of nutrients our body needs a certain amount of, and certain vitamins and minerals are linked to the maintenance of a particular bodily function, so people may choose to buy supplements with the idea that they will prevent certain health issues.


Which target market should you focus on?

If you are looking to manufacture nutritional supplements, you might wonder which of these target markets will be most interested in what you have to offer. It’s important to note that some of the markets, such as fitness and sports nutrition, are fairly distinct whereas other markets may overlap, such as vegans and those who are interested in natural health.


When it comes to deciding on your target market, you should think about what the nutritional supplement offers them. If you can make something vegetarian, for example, you automatically have access to a larger audience, but if you focus solely on this aspect you might lose other target markets. Stay flexible but also have a clear idea of who you are selling to. 


We hope this blog has been interesting and helped you to understand the different nutritional supplement target markets. For further information, you can take a look at our manufacturing capabilities.