Many consumers use supplements, from vitamin and mineral products through to complex sports supplements.

Rain Nutrience Ltd. is a leading supplement manufacturer, aiming to provide sellers in the healthcare market with everything they need to excel in the field. Recently, the world of health and nutrition has seen a distinct shift towards a greater awareness among its consumers, and this has led to an increased demand for supplements. From vitamins and mineral products to complex sports supplements, more and more consumers are looking for the perfect product. It is our aim to work with you to help you create that product or product range.

We are a hands-on company and happy to be as involved as you want. No matter our level of involvement, we will always ensure the product we create for you is of the best quality possible. We pride ourselves on being more than just supplement manufacturers and can offer you a variety of services and products. From the traditional hard-shell capsule - supplied in bulk and available for all supplements - to powdered products ranges like protein supplements and complete vegan meal replacement products. Whatever you require, we have it covered.

Our supplements and meal replacement products are all available in a variety of flavours, as per your specifications. What’s more, we will pack your products to your requirements, based on your preference - be it in a bottle, bag or pouch - or in bulk, ready for you to further pack as you choose. In addition, our state of the art labelling machinery is compatible with all our packaging options. This means we can easily apply a unique label of your design, containing your logo and any product information necessary.

So, do you have an idea for a product, but aren’t sure how to make it a reality? Get in touch with us now. Rain Nutrience ltd. are more than just supplement manufacturers; we get ideas out of heads and onto shelves. We are always excited by the prospect of a new product entering the market and eager to be part of the process. If you are contemplating any manufacturing, design or product ideas, have a chat with us today and we can help to realise your ideas.

Have an idea for a product? Talk to us, and we can make it into a reality for your business.

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