Nutraceutical Capsule Manufacture

We have a number of hi spec pharmaceutical grade encapsulators. Their advanced design gives us short set up times coupled with consistent reliable fill weights and cosmetic quality. Together with this enhanced flexibility, all machines are capable of running multiple sizes, types and colours. Additionally, the automated nature of these machines gives us capacity measured in the millions.

Nutraceutical Bottling

We offer our customers a full-service solution, from the ingredients to the bespoke finished products. We have automated and semi-automated bottling capability. This includes integrated batch coding together with best before dates and induction lid sealing capabilities. Our semi-automated line has been designed to give us the ability to be flexible and responsive, meaning we can run varied specifications of products at short notice.


At Rain Nutrience we understand GMP and the importance of labelling. We have the ability to label bottles, tubs, lids, pouches, mail packs, flat and cylindrical bottles. Our labelling abilities mean we can match the needs of our customers.


We have considerable in house capacity and ability for blending formulations to match customer requirements. Our full-service solution offering means these formulations may be encapsulated, bottled, pouched, tubbed or bulk boxed depending on your requirements. Additionally, we have blenders that can be used for making general nutrition, sports drinks and meal replacements originating from powdered often protein based product.

Powder Filling

We have considerable experience filling bottles and pouches with powdered products. Our filling capability is provided by industry standard All-fill and our potential capacity is measured in the thousands per day.


Being a full-service solution provider necessitates having our own warehousing. This capability goes well beyond holding just raw materials. We can hold finished stock as well as part-finished products. This gives us the ability to offer ‘call off’ orders or give favourably short lead-times by transforming part-finished stock on hand into bespoke customer requirements.

Contract manufacturing (Copacker)

For those customers wishing to utilise our skills and contacts, save on the cost of capital and use our economies of scale we offer contract manufacture. Our robust and strict Quality Management System (audited and complying to ISO 9000:2008) ensures your product is made the same each time and to the consistency and specification you require.