A Guide to the Best Sports Supplements

Millions of people take sports supplements because of the range of health benefits they offer. People who participate in sports and fitness decide to use sports supplements because they enhance muscle growth and energy supply.…
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spring supplements

Spring Supplements to Keep You Healthy

Essential spring supplements During spring, it is important to consume vitamins that will keep you healthy and allow you to participate in outdoor activities. Taking supplements will ensure that you consume enough nutrients and vitamins to…
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What Do We Need Vitamin B12 for

Why We Need Vitamin B12

What do we need vitamin B12 for? Vitamin B12 is essential to your body. It is involved in multiple important functions, such as the production of red blood cells and the maintenance of the nervous…
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how much protein do we need

How Much Protein Do We Need

Protein is one of the most important and essential parts of a diet, responsible for the growth and repair of the entire body. Every single cell and tissue contains protein, with the British Nutrition Foundation…
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How Do You Know if You’re Vitamin Deficient?

One of the most difficult parts of keeping your body healthy is a lack of common knowledge on how to tell if you have a vitamin deficiency. This blog will walk you through a few…
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Nutritional supplements in the UK

Nutritional Supplement Growth in the UK

Nutritional supplements are big business. So big, that a recent report by Grand View Research estimated that the dietary supplements market will be worth over 278 billion dollars (around 214 billion pound sterling) by 2024.…
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best vitamins for winter

Why Take Supplements in the Winter?

In a previous blog, we looked at which supplements are important in the summer. However, now that the days grow shorter and the warm weather is leaving us, it’s worth turning to winter supplements. This…
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brain health supplements

Supplements to Support Your Brain

We have seen in previous blogs how supplements can be used to help workouts or to compensate for a lack of nutrients in your diet. However, there is no part of your body more important…
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Sports supplements information

Sports Supplements: When, Why, and How to Take Them?

Sports supplements can be a useful tool for you to incorporate into your workout schedule, as they can aid muscle growth or help you to lose weight. With millions of people taking these supplements, this…
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easy protein powder recipes

Alternative Ways to Incorporate Protein Powder Into Your Diet

Anybody who works out on a regular basis will know the struggles of trying to incorporate more protein powder into their diet. Smoothies are a particularly popular choice, but even the different flavours can get…
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