A Handy Guide to Summer Supplements from Rain Nutrience

It might feel a bit pre-emptive to light your barbeques and head to the beach, but summer is gradually making its way towards us, and it is never too early to start thinking about your summer supplements. Plan now to give your body a head-start with the changing weather.

Vitamins C and E

Both vitamins C and E are fantastic for your body and the warm weather. Vitamin C has been found to be particularly effective in combatting heat rash, as well as heat exhaustion, with one report noting, simply “Vitamin C has been shown to be effective in enhancing heat acclimatisation.”

Whilst vitamin C is effective by itself, combining it with vitamin E has even been found to reduce sunburn reaction. Combine these with sun-cream and you can feel safer in the sun.

Vitamin A

With that said, nobody’s perfect! And just in case you do forget the sun-cream, vitamin A is here to help, too. Vitamin A is responsible for, among other things, helping to repair skin damage, such as sunburn. It is always worth combining Vitamins C, E, and A in order to truly protect you from the sun.


As well as the obvious ones, like the above vitamins to help protect your skin from sun damage, when it comes to the season of sunshine, there are some less obvious summer supplements to consider, such as protein. As the days get longer and the skies clearer, you might be more tempted to go for a walk along the seafront, or stay out longer on the beach. As a result, your body will be using more energy, and so it may be important to increase your protein intake to compensate.


Probiotics, too, are not directly related to the summer conditions. They are, however, important when it comes to any changes in your daily routine, such as additional exercise or a different diet, as you wave goodbye to the heavy winter meals. By helping restore the natural balance of bacteria, probiotics can ensure you can carry on as normal.

By keeping up with each of these summer supplements, you can ensure that you have the best possible summer, feeling safe and ready for any changes that the season can throw at you. For more information and advice, why not take a look at our other blogs?